Taiwanese Mom Billed for Flight Delay


A Taiwanese woman had delivered a baby in a flight while traveling to the United States. The officials doubt that the Taiwanese woman could have made this attempt to get American citizenship for her baby. She has been charged to pay a hefty bill to force the flight to travel to Alaska. On October 8, the flight landed in emergency routing from Taipei to Los Angeles. The Chinese insurance company has to calculate and decide whether to charge the unnamed passenger or not. The Taiwanese media estimated to pay a bill amount of $33,000. The exact amount is not still revealed as the insurance company has not yet calculated.

The local media told that the women wanted to give her child American citizenship, and that is the reason she en-routed the flight and delivered the child in Los Angeles. One of the China Times Newspaper’s online website has reported that the woman was asking the cabin crew repeatedly; Are we in United States air space?

The comments could not be verified clearly. It was not known whether the passenger has really asked this question.

The state officials of Alaska declared that the newborn is permitted for US citizenship. The spokesperson of the Alaska Department of Social Services said that if the baby is born in flight, then the baby has the rights to get US citizenship. The baby can get US citizenship even born in the International airspace.

The event was spread all throughout Taiwan, and it has even resulted in a parliamentary debate during the last week.

One of the ruling party legislators told that it should be a selfish act. He shouted the transportation minister in a session that took place on Monday. He told that the woman has made this act voluntarily to get her baby US citizenship. He added that the woman had affected other passengers who were traveling on the same flight. He questioned what the punishment for this act was.

The China Times website reported that the woman was exactly pregnant for thirty six weeks. She has told the airline that she is pregnant less than thirty weeks. The Taiwanese law states that the passengers should provide a medical certificate when they are traveling in flight. The medical certificate should state that the passenger is fit to travel if they have crossed the thirty second week of pregnancy.

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