Bomb Attacks in Bangladesh: More than 100 were hurt and 1 died during the attack


In Dhaka, Bangladesh, thousands of people were hurt due to the bomb attack. It was unexpected, and no one had any clues about the incident. Shiite Muslims were assembled for a religious parade before down on Saturday. Some of the unidentified attackers tossed homemade bombs in the crowd. It exploded and injured about hundred people and killed an adolescent boy. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.

Sunni dominates the country. The police officials said that the violence can be caused by the political instability and extremists Islamist groups. Such violence is seen increasingly high especially in this year. The police officials added that the attack on Shiites is was the first time in Bangladesh.

The authorities suspected two persons, and they were immediately arrested. They also found two unexploded bombs at the gathering. They discharged the attack to destabilize the country. Asaduzzamin Mia, senior police office of Dhaka told that the attack is very serious, and it has created confusion in the country. The police officer added that it is sabotage and looks like a clear planned attack.

Witnesses told around twenty five thousand people were gathered around 2.00 AM to follow the five miles, eight kilometer march from Huseni Dalan through the older quarter of the Dhaka. Huseni Dalan is the famous Shiite learning center belonging to seventeen century. The eight kilometer march was planned to end in a mosque.

About five bombs were thrown, and three exploded into the crowd. It panicked thousands of people, and they were running in all directions to escape. No one expected that such a disastrous incident will occur. The relatives of the injured cried for their loved and dear ones at the scene. Sandals and shoes tormented the pavement together with chains and colorful flags used by adolescences themselves to show their sadness for Ashoura. Imam Hussein is the direct grandson of the great Prophet Mohammed. His death is grieved as ten days religious ritual in Islam.

The fifteen year old boy passed away while he was taken to the hospital. He died due to shrapnel wounds and was taken shifted to the mortuary. His brother was crying outside the front gate of the hospital. The injured people were taken to the local hospital, and they were discharged after treatment. The injured stayed in the hospital for a few hours for medical treatment.

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