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Are bed bugs a health hazard?

Naturally we would expect that if bed bugs suck from animals as well as humans there is a certain risk risk of cross contamination and infection. bed bugs are not known to transmit any infectious agents, however the main medical concern would be that of the inflammation and itching actually caused by the bites of bed bugs.san antonio pest control

How did I get bed bugs?

They certainly didn’t fly on from outside because bed bugs don’t fly. They can only be carried in and it is almost impossible to stop this form of transit. More information on this website

Your suitcase or bag may sit next to another person’s on a plane or bus. You might buy a nice antique with a resident bed bug, a dinner guest or your children’s friend…even next doors cat! The list of possible causes is endless.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bug treatment is extremely specialised and involves an in depth inspection for pest identification by a pest control expert, once identified they will need to conduct a thorough treatment.

It is not a task that should be undertaken by the householder. Contact a bed bug eradication specialist from Jenkins Pest Control in San Antonio
Getting Rid of Bed bugs.

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