Arian Foster Suffers from Achilles Injury


Arian Foster is a popular American football player who is in the running back position. He is playing for Houston Texas of NFL (National Football League). In the year 2009, Arian Foster was signed by the Texas, He was contracted as undrafted free agent. He is popular for finding the rushing lanes. He has attracted millions of people by performing his Namaste bow.

Recently, while playing on the grounds Arian Foster was injured, and the doctors say that it has chances to be Achilles Injury. Foster was playing with the Texans scoring 44-20 in the Miami. While playing, he placed his step forward and suddenly fell to the ground without any association. The trainers helped him to recover. He experienced serious pain and could not stay on the ground for a long time. Bill O’ Brien told that he is experiencing a severe injury, and it was unexpected. He told that it does not look good and have no idea what it is actually.
He has to answer to the Foster’s situation and what he is actually experiencing. However, the Texans are not going to stop and leave the game for anything. If you have a star running in your team and suffers from injury, then the person is responsible for the season ending injury. If the injury is a full tear, then there are chances for the Foster to remain without playing for at least a year. The ESPN Doctors confirmed the news and told that it could be a bad season for the Texans.

The Texans have recently announced the Foster is suffering from Achilles injury. He will be carted off from the field. The Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain told that Foster has torn his Achilles. He will remain out for the season. He wondered that Foster has to leave away from his one year contract due to the injury. The coach Bill O’Brien was trying to recover the point, but somehow the situation became unmanageable. He told that there were other ways to recover the situation. The Texans are experiencing an absolute mess because of this matter.

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